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Database Services

ZeroPride On this page you will find the database-related services we here at ZeroPride offer. Pricing on these services varies based on the scale of the job. Feel free to browse around and find what best suits your needs.

MySQL Optimization

Is your web site running slow? Do you have a database-aware application that doesn't quite meet up to your performance requirements? It's a fact that most databases on the internet are designed quickly, to be functional with the page or application using them - but not for performance. Get your MySQL database tweaked by a professional, and depending on factors, experience an order-of-magnitude performance boost!

Database Design

Are you building a web site or application that you would like to expand with the power of a database? Dynamic content, searching, inventory or asset tracking, relationship management...all of these and more are easily accomplished with a database back end to your new product! So have one designed for you - by the pros - and add this high-tech boost to your software.

Query Assistance

If you have a database and need something from it, you will need to use a query. The way these are written can strongly impact the performance of your application. If you need queries written to access data stored in an intricate and complicated way, or to access anything faster than it currently is, this is the service for you.

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