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ZeroPride Are you building a web site or application that you would like to expand with the power of a database? Dynamic content, searching, inventory or asset tracking, relationship management...all of these and more are easily accomplished with a database back end to your new product! So have one designed for you - by the pros - and add this high-tech boost to your software.

Database Design Services Include:

Fully Planned Table Structure - We will look at your application's functionality and plan the fastest and most effecient way to store the needed data, then design it for you on your server.

View Setup and Query Help - Think you'll have trouble using your new ZeroPride database? Never fear. We will aid you in writing your most common queries, and even add 'views' to the structure so expanding functionality in the future will be a breeze, even to some one little acquainted with database access.

Data Quality Assurance - After discussing your personal needs, we will add advanced functionality such as Mapping Tables, Foreign Key Cascading and Restricting, and Trigger functionality where appropriate.

High-Speed Indexing - Know that we plan for the future, and we know that your application may experience high loads later on even if not planned for now. We design our databases with the proper indexing to keep access fast even with many users accessing it at once.

Much More! - Talk to us. The more we know about your needs, the more little tweaks we can perform in design that will keep your data safe, correct, and fast.

If you are interested in our database design services, head on over to our contact page, and tell us about your needs, and budget. We will consult with you regarding all of these factors to come up with a mutually beneficial solution!

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