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Database Services :: MySQL Optimization

ZeroPride Is your web site or database driven application running slow? Do you have a database-aware application that doesn't quite meet up to your performance requirements? It's a fact that most databases on the internet are designed quickly, to be functional with the page or application using them - but not for performance. Get your MySQL database tweaked by a professional, and depending on factors, experience an order-of-magnitude performance boost!

Database Optimization Services Include:

Server Tweaking - Your database server has many settings, and by default they are not tuned to any particular hardware setup or task. By reviewing the usage of the databases on the server and the specifications of the machine itself, these options can be tweaked to significantly improve performance.

Database Format Review - Your database may not be designed to get the most out of it. Tables must be set to the type best fitting their purpose, links between tables must be properly established, and relationships must be mapped to ensure data quality. If this may be lacking, some tinkering by us may fix your problems.

Table and Query Based Indexing - Indexes on most database tables are little used or not at all due to ineffecient design from the start. Have us review the structure, and even the individual queries, to maximize the use of these powerful tools and not waste memory on unused storage.

Much More! - Talk to us. Tell us what is too slow, or what causes issues in your application. We are willing and able to provide services such as Foreign Key Referencing, Trigger Setup and Trigger Based Logging, or virtually anything you can think of to meet your individual needs.

So head on over to our contact page, and tell us about your database optimization needs, and your budget. We will consult with you regarding all of these factors to come up with a mutually beneficial solution!

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