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ZeroPride Current Build: 2009-09-04
The ZeroPride PHP Library is a collection of classes and functions that accomplish a variety of tasks in a single line of code, saving you time when programming. Simply download the library and extract it to a directory on your web server, then include or require the initial library.php page at the start of your code. This will make available to you the wide range of functionality provided to you, at no cost, by the ZeroPride PHP Library.

Individual Libraries Included:

Debugging - This library provides a slew of functions for variable type ensurance and output, as well as error and exception handlers. There is also an easy switch function between a live setup and a development setup, allowing on live the errors to be hidden from users and emailed to a webmaster instead.

MySQL - The largest and most useful library included, this provides two useful classes for handling connections and queries to MySQL databases, automatically formats query results, safely handles connections, and provides a function to sanitize your inputs.

HTML - Provides easy functions to create HTML code for a variety of form inputs, as well as both simple and complex table construction for layout and display where you need not touch the HTML at all!

URL - Provides functions to encode a variety of data into a passable URL GET data string, and then parse it on the other side.

File System - Contains a function to parse a settings file into usable PHP data, as well as a versatile Log class for all your tracking and error reporting needs.

Timer - This contains a class used to track run time between any two points in your code. One instance can run any number of timers concurrently.

Sessions - Provides a few functions for easy session management, as well as classes for different types of user-based security and data storage.

Arrays - provides functions to safely test and retrieve array values, as well as format an array into human-readable output much nicer than print_r. Also now contains an advanced table class used to construct complex dynamic html tables or store multi-dimensional data and properties.

Graphics - Provides some convenient functions left out or overcomplicated by the existing GD module. Each class instance handles an image that is generated or read from a file, analyzed and edited at your discretion, and then returned.
NOTE: This module requires the GD module for PHP.

Cryptography - A simpler front end to PHP modules such as mCrypt, used to password-encrypt and decrypt any data through easy to use functions. Also contains an MD5 hashing function for use in callbacks.
NOTE: This module requires the mCrypt module for PHP.

This wealth of resources is provided publicly at no cost. The code is Copyright ZeroPride Solutions, and ZeroPride must be credited wherever it is used. However I freely give permission to edit and expand the code to suit your needs provided you comply with the previous statement. This is open-source software good for any application. I also appreciate any feedback, suggestions, modifications you have made that you think would enhance the library as a whole, etc. and such may be given on the contact page here at ZeroPride.
Simply agree to these terms and conditions for the access here, as well as those of the LGPL v3 (included) regarding use, and download the compressed library directory.
I accept the terms provided here.

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