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ZeroPride Here we provide links to what we feel are the best resources and products available.


MySQL is an excellent open-source database. With staggering performance ratings, virtually no limits on scope, and a well developed SQL engine, MySQL is our database of choice at ZP. In fact, MySQL databases are the backbone of this site and most of our available products.


PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a powerful, expandable, object-oriented scripting language for Web 2.0 development. This site is built using PHP, as are most of the software products we offer.

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is our personal choice of Linux varieties here at ZP. Powerful as a server, yet usable as a desktop. Our primary LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) server runs the latest release of Ubuntu and serves as a development platform as well.

WoollyBear Web

WoollyBear Web is an excellent front-end site design and hosting company. We highly recommend them for all your needs in that respect. They are a small business with personal service and excellent support.

Geany IDE

Geany is a full-featured IDE available for multiple platforms, supporting languages such as PHP, SQL, and C++. The interface is customizable and easy to use, helping to streamline the development process to a greater extent than most other software we have found. It comes with our highest recommendations.


Frankly, we love to learn neat stuff. And we love having a free resource available to answer our strangest or most mundane questions. Whenever you need to look up something obscure, you'll likely find it on Wikipedia. We link them here to show our support for the wonderful service they provide.

Web Hosting Talk

WHT is a forum devoted to web hosting and programming discussion.


FusionCharts is a revolutionary graphing tool for web based applications.

Button Generator

Quickly make good looking custom buttons for any application.

Color Picker

Convenient little hex color picker. You'll find yourself using this constantly.

Firefox Web Browser

You all know and love it - if not, click this link!

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