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ZeroPride Here you will find the software solutions we currently offer for sale. These span a variety of markets and uses, so take a look to see if any fit your needs. We are also willing to take on custom development projects to build an application to meet your specifications. If you are interested in such a service, send us the details on our contact page and we will get in touch with you.


FormBuilder, when installed on your web server, provides a simple and easy interface to 'build' database-driven web forms. Once designed, each form is saved by the software, and can be accessed by the public at a given generated URL on your domain. User input can be saved in a database, emailed to the webmaster, or both.

Erly Notice

Erly Notice is an Erlang-C based predictive staffing analysis tool for call centers. It provides an interface to enter schedules for your agents, and an API to have your phone system link in current data. It then will provide predictions of volume and staff requirements broken down by time of day for well into the future. Use it to save money by staffing only when you need to, and meet SLA by having enough agents on when it will be busy!


InfraTrack provides a simple interface to a powerful database back end, enabling tracking of all your business assets, from employees to computers to offices, and the relationships between them. This is entirely customizable depending on the needs of you, the customer.


The Intelligent Tracking Service Log, or ITS Log for short, is a versatile plug-in application for almost any web site. With an easy-to-use install page that customizes it to your needs, you can, in a matter of minutes, have fast, detailed, accessible logs of all visits to your site.

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