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ZeroPride Software Products :: FormBuilder :: Version 1.0
FormBuilder, when installed on your web server, provides a simple and easy interface to 'build' database-driven web forms. Once designed, each form is saved by the software, and can be accessed by the public at a given generated URL on your domain. User input can be saved in a database, emailed to the webmaster, or both.

FormBuilder 1.0, released on 2009-03-06, is now available. An example form and full featured administrator demo are now available to the public here. This is the administration page that allows you to create and edit forms, as well as links to the form itself and the answers page. Here is an example of a simple form made with the tool, showing a variety of input options: [Screenshot]

Many Input Options

FormBuilder supports many input options for users, such as text, large text, dropdown, multi-select, user entered list, and IP tracker.

Customization By Form

Each form can have different instructional header text, and text inserted between questions. Also, each form can have results handled differently: either emailed to an address specified for that form, stored in a database, or both. Answers stored in the database are accessible via the viewer tool build into the admin page.

Global Customization

There is a configuration provided with formbuilder that is easy to use. It allows you to set custom database credentials, a color scheme for the site, images to be used for the buttons, and the option for a global header for all forms.


If this sounds like the survey/form tool for you, please contact us about purchasing a full-source license of FormBuilder by ZeroPride Solutions.

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