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ZeroPride Software Products :: ITS Log :: Version 1.0
The Intelligent Tracking Service Log, or ITS Log for short, is a versatile plug-in application for any PHP/MySQL-aware web site. With an easy-to-use install page that customizes it to your needs, you can, in a matter of minutes, have fast, detailed, accessible logs of all visits to your site.

ITS Log 1.0, released on 2009-03-25, is now available. An example viewer page is now available to the public here. This is based off a few example entries that do not correspond to any real data - it is simply to show the simplicity of the viewer interface, and an example of a customized theme.

Detailed Statistics Collected

ITS Log collects all of the valuable statistics from every visitor to your site:
Date & Time Accessed
URI of Page Accessed
Visitor IP Address
Visitor Hostname
Visitor's Browser Information

Useful Statistical Rollup Views

Not only can you view log entries with full details, but ITS Log provides built in analysis views, with counts of hits grouped by distinct visitor, browser agent, and URI/page viewed. These are also built directly into the database, so you do not need to use our viewer to see them, and can use this information in any part of your site.

Fits Into Your Current Site

ITS Log is designed as a plugin for an existing site. You fill out a simple installer page and are provided with files that are built to match your site. There is a log plugin file, which can be included into any page you would like tracked, or a shared page (such as a configuration or layout page) to track every visit. You are also provided with a log viewer, which can be included in any existing page you have, or used standalone with the provided CSS file.

Maintains Security Of Your Data

This software supports storing log files in an entirely separate database from your other important data. Providing your site's main database account with write permissions there, rather than mixed with your other information, protects your main site should you ever experience a security violation - something many logs are used as a hole for. But you can feel safe with ITS Log!


If this sounds like the visitor logging and analysis tool for you, please contact us about purchasing a full-source license of ITS Log by ZeroPride Solutions.

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