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ZeroPride Free Tools :: Steganosaurus :: Version 1.0
Steganosaurus is a web-based steganography engine. It can take any message and, provided a password you decide, encode it into a provided image or a 'tv static' generated image. This is an excellent way to hide your data - not only is it password protected, but attackers will not know there is a message hidden at all!

Steganosaurus 1.0, released on 2009-04-10, is now available for use by the public. Click Here to access the application.


Steganosaurus not only encodes your data with a password as secure as you'd like, but it also on principle hides the location of the encoded data from any potential snoops. You can do fascinating things like store personal information in vacation photos, or the logo on your web site, and only those intended to see it will know to use the password and decode it. The images containing data are not visibly different to the naked eye from one containing no secrets at all.


Unlike similar tools, requiring long and complex key files or specific image properties, Steganosaurus makes hiding your information convenient. You can provide an image in a variety of formats, or have the software automatically generate a random static image up to 1000x1000 pixels. You do not need a copy of the original image or a long key file to decode - simply use the password you chose, which can be as complex or as easy as you like. And your encoded image is provided immediately - try the demo and see just how easy it is!

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